10 Health Benefits of Scallion

Most of the people use this veggie just for seasoning, but it is actually much more than that. The scallion is the type of onion that contains long and green leaves and is harvested earlier than it should in order for it not to overgrow. It contains much less flavor, when compared to the other type of onion, but it is definitely filled with a bunch of health benefits. It has the ability to boost the flavor of all the dishes that you add it in.

But, we are here to inspire you to start incorporating it in your daily dietary plan. It will bring to you plenty of health benefits, and today we are going to share the best ones with you, so stick around and find out which ones are they!

Health Benefits of Scallion

1. Excellent for the health of the eyes – probably one of the biggest benefits of the scallion is this one. This is a type of onion that has a significant amount of Vitamin A in it. This is found to be very essential for the retina to absorb more light and with this, preventing you from developing night blindness and sharpen your vision. Also, the Vitamin A found in the scallions can prevent several eye disorders such as caratacts and ulcers of the cornea. If you are consuming the scallions, your daily Vitamin A requirement will definitely be satisfied.

2. Is able to boost your immune system – the scallion has turned out to be excellent for improving your overall immune system. According to the opinion of many health experts, this particular kind of onion contains a great amount of phytochemicals in it, which are all essential to improving the strength of your immune system, especially the flavonoids such as quercetin and anthocyanin. Actually, according to a study which has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, all of these compounds have been proven to prevent cancer too.

3. Provides you with a healthy heart – besides the fact that the scallion is able to protect you from cancer, this is the type of onion that has proven to be beneficial for the health of your heart too. As we have already mentioned, this is a food that is filled with Vitamin A. But not only that, because the scallion is also filled with Vitamin C too. These are the two vitamins which are known for their antioxidant properties. They are proven to be beneficial for the health of your cellular tissue as well as the DNA because they are able to fight against the free radicals. Other than that, the Vitamin C in the scallions is able to reduce the blood pressure, thus reducing your risk of a heart disease.

4. Will improve the strength of your bones – you can provide your bones with the strength they need with something more than the milk and the dairy products, and it is the scallion. It contains a big amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which are all essential for improving the density of the bone. You can find 20 micrograms of Vitamin K and 1.6 milligrans of Vitamin C in only 12 grams of scallion. These two vitamins are quite beneficial in supporting the development and growth of the bones. And because of it, you will be less likely to develop any diseases connected with the bones such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

5. Excellent for the blood vessels – it does not come as a surprise that the scallions are quite beneficial for the health of the blood vessels because this particular kind of onion is excellent for maintaining the health of your heart too. There is a compound in the scallion called allicin, which is excellent for the relief of the stiffness within the blood vessels mostly because it is also able to release nitric oxide. Other than that, the allicin is excellent if you want to prevent any blood clots, which will definitely protect you from cardiovascular issues such as coronary heart disease and prevent any strokes from ever happening.


6. Aid the diabetic people – this is excellent news, especially for people who are already dealing with diabetes, because the scallion has proven to be helpful in dealing with it. According to several health experts, the scallion contains a big amount of sulphur, which is excellent in lowering the blood sugar levels within the body. And not only that, the sulphur which is found in the scallions is excellent for controlling the sensitivity of insulin and increases the level of insulin in the body. This is why there is no doubt that the scallion is great for consumption with people who have already been diagnosed, or simply want to avoid diabetes.

7. Provides you with respiratory health – another health benefit that you can reap from the scallion is excellent respiratory health. According to plenty of health experts, the consumption of scallion as proven to be beneficial in maintaining the health of your overall respiratory system. This is all because the scallion contains antiviral properties, as well as antibacterial properties, which will, without any doubt, treat any infection that may attack your respiratory system, commonly caused by a bacteria or a virus. And, because of this, you will be able to protect yourself from the common cold or the flu.

8. Gives you an excellent digestive health – the callions are proven to be very good in improving the overall function of the digestive system. This type of onion will improve your digestive health it is great for your gut and will protect you from diarrhea. As we have already mentioned it above, the scallions contain antibacterial and antiviral properties, which act good when it is time to kill off the bad bacteria that is the common cause of diarrhea. Other than that, the scallions are also filled with Vitamin C, a compound which will improve the absorption of nutrients and help the overall digestion of the food, which will prevent any watery stools or constipation.

9. Your skin will be healthy too – the scallions will improve the health of your skin all thanks to one particular compound called allicin. This compound which is found in the scallions will provide protection to your skin from the signs of early aging and wrinkles. In addition to that, the allicin will also make your skin glow as well as increase its tone. The Vitamin C which is contained in the scallion is also proven to be very beneficial as its bleaching agents provide your skin with a natural glow. Naturally, the Vitamin C will fight against the damage of the free radicals, thus providing you with a healthy looking skin.

10. Relieve you from inflammation – the absolute best way to treat inflammation is with the help of the scallion. It contains aquercetin, an antioxidant that is filled with anti inflammatory properties as well as antihistamine properties too. Because of these two compounds you will be less likely to suffer from any kind of inflammation in the body. The sulphur found in the scallions has anti inflammatory properties too, and the Vitamin C is perfect for creating a defense in the body from the damage that the free radicals can create. This is how you will prevent any hazardous action from ever happening inside of your body.

This is a veggie that has proven to be safe for consumption by everyone, so feel free to enjoy it during lunch or dinner. Because it is a specific veggie, just note that it is not a good idea to mix it with honey or any Chinese medicine, but it goes excellent with ginger, white pepper or any other type of vegetable. Next time you’re going to the store to buy some fresh scallions, note that it can last only up to 5 days, meaning that you need to consume it as soon as possible in order to get all the benefits from it. Make sure you give the scallion a try! It is an incredible green vegetable that will bring to you a lot of health benefits, so enjoy all of them!

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