10 Health Benefits of Cherimoya

The cherimoya fruit is beggining to increase its popularity nowadays. This is because this fruit is an amazing mixture of tastes that can include the banana, mango, coconut, papaya, strawberry and pineapple flavor. This is why this is a fruit commonly used in the making of smoothies, pies, fruits salads and so on.

This amazing and juicy fruit resembles the custard apple, along with its green outer skin which is consisted of overlaping scales and custardy flesh with a couple of black seeds inside of it. The only significant difference in this case is that it feels a lot smoother on the outside and has a lot less seeds as well as a lot more flesh that is sweeter in taste too. This is a fruit that cannot be stored for a long period of time because it ripens very fast, and when it does, the flesh turns brown and it starts to ferment. This is also a fruit that is very rich in all sorts of different nutrients, among which is the Vitamin C. So this is why today we are going to present to you the best health benefits that come from consuming the cherimoya fruit on a regular basis. Keep on reading and find it all out for yourself!

Health Benefits of Cherimoya

1. It will boost your immunity – cherimoya is rich in Vitamin C which plays a vital role in enhancing the entire immune system. This nutrient is a powerful natural antioxidant that helps the body broaden its resistance in opposition to infectious diseases and removes the damage from the harmful free radicals from the body. For that reason, it provides immunity in opposition to common sicknesses such as the cold and the flu in addition to preventing any infection.

2. It contains anti inflammatory properties – the cherimoya has an excessive content of Vitamin C, which has been known to be a powerful antioxidant that enables the body to defend its entire self from harm, especially from the inflammatory free radicals and the damage they can do.

3. It will provide you with cardiovascular benefits – the nicely balanced ratio of sodium and potassium in the cherimoya enables it to maintain the balance of the blood presure levels inside the body and thus maintaining the health of your heart. Furthermore, intake of cherimoya on a regular basis has confirmed to lessen the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good levels of cholesterol (HDL) within the blood. Hence, it improves blood flow towards the heart, providing you with a shield that will protect you from a heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.

4. Maintain the health of your brain – the cherimoya fruit is a great source of B vitamins, particularly Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) which controls the gaba neuro chemical levels to your mind. The adequate GABA levels are able to calm down the irritability, despair and headache connected conditions. The Vitamin B6 additionally protects you and lowers the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease, in addition to relieving stress and tension. One hundred grams of cherimoya fruit consists of approximately 0.527 mg or 20% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin B6.

5. It will keep you safe from osteoporosis – the cherimoya fruit contains calcium that is crucial for the health of the bones. So, when to comes to helping in stopping osteoporosis, the cherimoya is the best thing that you can count on.

Cherimoya nutrition

6. It will provide you with cytoprotective properties – the cherimoya fruit presents cytoprotective properties for your bosy as well. The cherimoya fruit extract enhances the survival of cells for your system by lowering the discharge of lactate dehydrogenase or LDH out of your body. The sigificantly high levels of LDH indicate that the cells have been broken by means of damage or ailment.

7. It will supply you with a tremendous level of minerals – the cherimoya includes considerable amounts of potassium which is required for an everyday normal function of the heart and blood pressure in addition to protecting your body from high blood pressure and stroke. It also helps your metabolism and bowel motion by getting enough fiber. Besides the potassium, the cherimoya also incorporates different minerals like magnesium, sodium, zinc and manganese. This fruit is devoid of saturated fat and LDL cholesterol and low in sodium.

8. It is quite rich in antioxidants – the cherimoya consists of several polyphenolic antioxidants, the maximum prominent being annonaceous acetogenins. The compounds of acetogenin are powerful cytotoxins which possess anti cancers, anti malarial and anti helminthes properties. It is considered to be miles rich in Vitamin C which acts as a natural antioxidant by means of protecting the body from the free radicals.

9. It will provide you with protection of pores and skin health – as said earlier, cherimoya fruit has a excessive content of Vitamin C that is important for keeping a healthy and glowing looking pores and skin. Being a natural antioxidant, the Vitamin C allows in restoration wounds and making collagen that is necessary for the formation of your skin. The symptoms of growing old includes great traces and wrinkles as well as pigmentation, and they are all an end result of the damage brought about to your pores and skin by the movement of the free radicals. The Vitamin C found in the cherimoya can combat the free radicals away from the body, therefore offering healthy and ideal skin.

10. Cherimoya can offer some hair benefits too – hair issues have emerged as a reason of difficulty these days and may be attributed to the deficiency of crucial vitamins and minerals from the body. So, since the cherimoya fruit is fairly nutritious, it could be useful for your hair in the following approaches. Similar to the pores and skin, the Vitamin C is also important for hair health and it prevents any harm from being done to it by getting rid of the free radicals which affect your hair altogether.

Have we helped you make up your mind for yourself and try this amazing fruit? Well, you definitely need to give this one a go and see for yourself. The only word of caution that you definitely need to read about is that the seeds as well as the skin of this fruit are extremely toxic and are not edible. Other than remembering this, you do not need to be careful of anything else. The only thing you need to make sure is to consume this amazing fruit on a daily basis and see it that you get all of the nutrients which are incorporated in the cherimoya fruit itself.

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